United Thank Offering Grants

The grant focus for 2024 will be on innovative mission and ministry projects addressing welcome and inclusivity.

The Anglican Communion Applicants or those needing translation initial deadline: 12/1/2023

The Episcopal Church Applicants final deadline: 1/19/2024

12/1/2023: Last day to submit full draft applications for review – TEC

1/12/2024: Last day to submit budget for review – TEC

1/12/2024: Deadline for all updates/changes to Anglican Communion apps

1/17/2024: Last day to submit application for completeness check – TEC

1/19/2024: The Episcopal Church Applications  due

April 2024: Grants Awarded

2024 UTO Grant Cycle

Over the next 3 years, The United Thank Offering, in the spirit of Matthew 25, will focus on areas of ministry that serve those who society has left out and left behind. 

Therefore, the UTO grant focus for 2024 will be on “the stranger” Jesus mentions, offering welcome and inclusivity. This includes funding innovative mission and ministry projects that:

  • welcome people with differences that cause isolation (culture, life experience, disability, mental health, etc.) in new ways that are meaningful and deemed necessary by that community.
  • encourage truth telling, acknowledging historic trauma, and establishing a pathway towards healing.

Need help with filling out your application?
Here are some quick videos to get you started.

Additional Funding Sources (Non-UTO Grants)

Church Periodical Club Grants

Are you looking for funding for printed or electronic written materials?

While these items cannot be included in your request for funding from UTO, you can request them from the Church Periodical Club (CPC). CPC was founded in 1888 to send materials to missionaries, clergy and congregations as the church expanded westward. The work of CPC is endowed and funded through donations from Episcopalians and friends of CPC who feel called to ensure that those who need materials can access them.

Click here to learn more about Church Periodical Club.

Church Periodical Club Grant Processes

The National Book Fund: Grant requests come from schools, libraries, individuals, agencies, and parishes throughout the Anglican Communion. This fund supplies materials for adults. Grants are made for written materials of all types, such as books, magazines, and e-books. The specific materials are determined and purchased by the recipients. Materials may be religious or secular, but must be used within the mission of the Church. More information can be found here.

Miles of Pennies Fund: Provides grants for children’s books and was created in 1988. The maximum amount of money requested may NOT exceed 1 Mile of Pennies – $844.80. Grants are accepted on a rolling deadline. More information can be found here.