Once all of the thank offerings are collected, the UTO Board gives them away as grants. The thank offerings that you put into your Blue Box combine with others to fund innovative mission and ministry in The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. UTO grants often focus on urgent human needs – meaning your individual gratitude gift helps with racial reconciliation efforts, ending poverty, and much more.

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UTO Grants through the Years

UTO Grants can be used for startup funds for new ministries, or take a current ministry in a new and exciting direction. The possibilities are endless for the ways in which UTO thank offerings will go on to bless communities working to love like Jesus through justice, advocacy, outreach and presence. Since 1883, more than 5,300 grants have been awarded by UTO (for a total of $140 million) to support innovative mission and ministry throughout The Episcopal Church and Provinces of the Anglican Communion.

Apply for a Grant

The 2022 United Thank Offering grant session will be focused on Care of Creation. The application and materials are available now.  The deadline for submission of a completed application (and required documents) is 5pm (EST) on Friday, December 3, 2021 for Anglican Provinces and 5pm (EST) on Friday, February 4, 2022 for dioceses of The Episcopal Church.

We offer a variety of webinars and tips, and we even will read through your grant for you before you submit it. Be sure to check out the Helpful Hints document on the materials page.

Grant Reporting

Once you have received a grant from the United Thank Offering, you will be asked to submit a mid-year report and a final report to keep us updated on your project. We also offer an opportunity to request an extension for your grant if it cannot be completed in accords with the initial timeline you provided. For a complete timeline and links to reporting forms, please click the button below.