UTO Christmas Card

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This Christmas, UTO is inviting you to give to the Ingathering as the perfect gift for someone you’re grateful for! You can make an offering to UTO in their honor, and we will do the rest. UTO will mail a beautiful Christmas card (pictured above) to the person you wish to honor and sign your name. If you would like to honor those you are grateful for this holiday season, you can do so online (strongly recommended) or by check. Please carefully read all information below for options regarding payment, delivery method, and deadlines.

Email iwatkins@episcopalchurch.org with any questions.

Payment Forms

To send a UTO Christmas Card as a gift to someone you are grateful for, you can chose to make an offering online or via check. If you are sending multiple cards (online or with check), you can make a single donation. Please send the form below to iwatkins@episcopalchurch.org with all recipient information.

Online: Please see the Give Online option at the bottom of the page to make an offering online. Under “designation” choose “Christmas Gift.” To send the card to someone, ensure you mark the gift as a Tribute Gift and provide their mailing address or email address.

Check: To mail a check, write “UTO Christmas Card” on the memo line and send the check in with the form provided below. Send all checks to: 

The United Thank Offering | DFMS – Protestant Episcopal Church
PO Box 958983
St. Louis MO 63195-8983

Delivery Method

When ordering a Christmas Card in honor of someone, you can choose to have the card delivered as a physical, mailed copy or an electronic, emailed copy. 

Mailed Card: When donating online, choose “Please notify the following person of my gift” under the “Additional Information” section and enter the honoree’s mailing address. in the form “Email Address for Tribute Gift.” When donating with a check, please mail in the check form with the honoree’s mailing address filled out.

Emailed Card: When donating online, choose “Please notify the following person of my gift electronically” under the “Tribute Gift” section and enter the honoree’s email address. When donating with a check, please mail in the check form with the honoree’s email address provided.

Blank Card: If you would like a blank card to mail yourself, please donate as listed to the left and email iwatkins@episcopalchurch.org to request blank cards.


November 1 – Deadline to postmark checks to send by the mail in order to have a card sent in December.

December 3 – Deadline to donate online for a physical, mailed card (and email form if needed) to have cards postmarked by 12/10/2021.

December 15 – Deadline to donate online and have e-card sent by 12/17/2021.

Cards for all donations received after December 3rd and through December 31st will be sent but we cannot guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.

Give Online

To give online for a Christmas Card, please fill out the secured form below. Under designation, you must select “United Thank Offering – Christmas.” If you would like to send more than one card, you can make a singular donation online but please send the Multiple Cards Form below to iwatkins@episcopalchurch.org  with all recipient addresses.