Lenten Materials

Back by popular demand, UTO Gratitude resources for Lent, are now available; however we have expanded and updated all of the materials to better support those congregations that use UTO as their Lenten discipline. There is a 40-day gratitude challenge for adults and 2 separate resources for children. Especially during Lent when we are encouraging people to take on a new discipline or give something up. We need to remember that Sundays are not counted during Lent and can serve as a powerful reminder to take care of ourselves. We hope that you will download all of the resources and let us know what you think about them and if there is more, we can do to help support your congregation in Lent.

For Adults

Our 40 Days of Gratitude Lenten Journal is designed for at-home use for adults to deepen their spiritual practice of gratitude during Lent. Each week, we will focus on practicing gratitude for a specific topic based on scripture. We recommend printing it out double-sided and stapling it on the long edge, so that it functions as a book. 

For Children

For children, we’ve created a lesson plan that can be used at Sunday School or that can be used at home. The at home version can easily be emailed or printed out and mailed to families. Children will create a paper chain that helps them countdown to Easter. Each day they will remove a link from the chain and write or draw something they are thankful for on the paper before putting it into a Blue Box that they have transformed into a bunny.

Be sure to download the best version for your use, the supplies that go with both activities, and a UTO Blue Box.

Blue Boxes

UTO Blue Boxes are a great way to maintain a practice of gratitude during Lent or at any time. We recommend keeping one where you will always see it, so it can act as a daily reminder to practice gratitude. We have incorporated Blue Boxes into the children’s materials, but we suggest that adults use them in addition to the gratitude book. You can order Blue Boxes from Shima (our lovely distributor) and only pay for shipping, or you can download your own straight from this page.