A Grateful Lent 2024: Coming Soon

40 Days of Grateful Presence

We are hard at work creating all new materials for Lent 2024. Check back on December 1, for new materials for families, a 40 day calendar or daily text message, book group, and more.

2024 Lenten Book Group

Looking for a way to connect with others as a part of your Lenten Discipline this year? Look no further! UTO is offering a 5-session book club on Thanks A Thousand: A Gratitude Journey by A.J. Jacobs. The book follows Jacobs as he decides to try and thank everyone who contributes to daily cup of coffee. This is a perfect book to explore during Lent because it can encourage us to think more deeply about the everyday items we use without really thinking about the effort that goes into creating them. We’ll explore this book together and see what we can learn about gratitude as a tool for being more present in the midst of our daily routines. While reading the text prior to the meeting will enhance your experience, it is not required. Bonus, there is a TED talk with A.J. Jacobs you can watch if you don’t have time to read each week. You’re also welcome to attend all 5 sessions or just the ones when you’re available or where a topic interests you.

Register here. 

Tuesday, February 20 at Noon Eastern – Introduction & Chapter 1
Tuesday, February 27 at Noon Eastern – Chapter 2 & Chapter 3
Tuesday, March 5 at Noon Eastern – Chapter 4 & Chapter 5
Tuesday, March 12 at Noon Eastern – Chapter 6 & Chapter 7
Tuesday, March 19 at Noon Eastern – Chapter 8 & Conclusion

2024 Lenten Gratitude Calendar

Coming December 2023

This year our theme for Lenten materials is “40 Days of Grateful Presence” which is a call to give thanks for the many things in our lives we take for granted. Our hope is that during the 40 days of Lent we can all use gratitude to help us be more present in our daily lives. In order to do this, we’ve got the following materials for individuals and congregations:

  • Sign up below for a daily text message prompt to notice and give thanks for something in your life that you might take for granted,
  • Download your printable calendar with the same prompts as the daily text message that you can print out and hang on your fridge to mark the days until Easter,
  • and a bulletin insert for use by congregations.

Lenten Resources for Children

Coming December 2023.

Past Resources

You are always welcome to use resources from years past. Click to download.

Countdown to Easter with Gratitude Craft and Lessons for families.

Lesson for Faith Formation Leaders

Lesson for Families

Craft Supplies