Gratitude Resources

We have created a vast collection of resources to encourage gratitude throughout The Episcopal Church and beyond. You will find these digital resources linked below, categorized by use and age.  We also offer several resources available for print through Shima of Navajoland. You will find a list of these resources below, but you will order these directly from Shima. All materials are free to order, thanks to the Memorial Trust Fund – you just pay the cost of shipping.

All PDF resources can be downloaded on your E-Reader. Click here for instructions.

UTO Essential Materials

UTO Blue Box. Download. Order.

Prayer Card. Download. 

UTO Overview. Download.

Prayer Booklet. Download.

Liturgy Booklet. Download.

Donation Envelopes. Order.

Supplemental Materials

2023 Grant Brochure. Download.

UTO Hymn. Download.

UTO Annual Reports. Visit.

Coordinator’s Handbook. Download.

Theology of Gratitude. Download.

We have a UTO Kit that includes many of our resources available to order at Shima.

Feedback Form

UTO welcomes feedback on all resources (gratitude materials, webinars, formation materials, etc). If you’d like to submit feedback, you can do so here. Please note that unless you give us your name and email, this feedback will remain completely anonymous.