United Thank Offering Webinars

Gratitude Comes Full Circle: A Discussion Featuring 2023 Grant Recipients on their work addressing the Incarceration Crisis

Each November (recorded 11-15-2023), UTO gathers a panel of recent grant recipients to share with the church and UTO members the impact their UTO grant is having on their ministries. Join us to learn more about how Episcopal congregations and ministries are showing up as the face of Christ in their communities while they work to support returning citizens, families of incarcerated people, and more. We hope to see you at this wonderful webinar, where we can be inspired by the amazing things the church is doing and give thanks for the amazing work our thank offerings are funding. This panel featured grant recipients: Cypress House Bakery at St. Luke’s from the Diocese of Bethlehem, Saint Leonard’s Ministries from the Diocese Chicago, Well Time 2.0 from the Diocese of Iowa and New Hope Oklahoma, from the Diocese of Oklahoma.

Finding funding for ministry projects or churches can feel like a daunting project. Join the United Thank Offering (UTO) on Thursday, September 21 at 12:30pm Eastern time for a 90-minute panel discussion (with time for questions) on grant opportunities from UTO, the Church Periodical Club (CPC), and the Episcopal Women’s History Project (EWHP). Please note: only the presentations were recorded, so we strongly suggest also downloading the handout for links and more information.

Gratitude + Mental Health

Several studies have shown that gratitude can improve physical health—lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, strengthening the immune system, and improving sleep—but did you know that practicing gratitude also affects mental health in very meaningful ways? Join UTO Board President, Sherri Dietrich, as she hosts a panel of women who will discuss the importance of gratitude and mental health and share their knowledge of how gratitude affects mental health in hospitals, in addiction recovery, in senior care facilities, and in individuals engaging in coaching, leadership development, or spiritual direction. Please join us to learn about how gratitude can improve your life and the lives of the people you interact with each day.

Becoming Beloved Community from an Indigenous Perspective

The Indigenous Ministries Office and the United Thank Offering invite you to kick-off Indigenous People’s Month with an opportunity to learn about what it means to be the Beloved Community from an Indigenous perspective. Panelists will each share about their ministries which help to reconnect Indigenous practices within Indigenous communities or those which restore Indigenous practices on lands where Indigenous people were forcibly dislocated. (Several will share how UTO grants supported them in this work.) They will share stories and discuss how all of creation is connected and through reconnecting humans to creation we can heal historical, environmental, and personal trauma. 

The Evolving Role of Women in The Episcopal Church