Join us in gratitude and race YOUR way in the second annual Great EpisGOpal Race virtual race to support the 2021 UTO Ingathering. Anytime between November 5 – November 14, choose your preferred mode and distance and race to raise money for creation care grants. You can bike a 10K, run a half marathon, or skate a mile—the options are limitless. This year we are excited to announce that we are partnering with the Diocese of Alabama and Sawyerville to create opportunities for children in Hale County. Let’s race together in gratitude!


How It Works:

1. Choose your location. This race is virtual, meaning you can compete from anywhere in the world! You can hike a mountain in Switzerland, cycle around your neighborhood, or run a marathon in your house.

2. Choose your time. The race takes place from November 5 – November 14. Race at a time that works for you.

3. Choose your mode. We are joining together in gratitude for our bodies. Move in a way that makes you happy – run, bike, swim, hike, paddle board, martial arts, the options are endless.

4. Any distance. Whether you want to set your personal record or take a stroll around your neighborhood, this race is for you. 1 mile, 5k, marathon, or anywhere in between, you choose!


Ways to Participate

1. Race. Join in gratitude, grab your sneakers, and move your body. We invite you to take this time to celebrate yourself.

2. Fundraise. You can choose to fundraise for UTO, Sawyerville, or both! 100% of the funds raised for UTO will support the Ingathering, which will fund creation care grants. Funds raised for Sawyerville will support opportunities for youth in Alabama.

3. Create a team. Invite folks from your parish, diocese, province, or beyond to race with you and start a team on the race page.

4. Challenge. Think your team can raise the most money or go the furthest distance? Challenge another team and see who wins!

For the 2021 Great EpisGOpal Race, we are partnering with Sawyerville and the Diocese of Alabama. The mission of Sawyerville, a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama, is to create opportunities for children and youth in Hale County through free summer programs, mentoring, and scholarships. All of our programs work to serve God, broaden the horizons of participants and staff, improve race relations in Alabama, and enrich the lives of those living in poverty.


How to Register

How to Create/Join a Team