2023 UTO Challenge Grant
to Support the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem
in partnership with the Good Friday Offering

About the challenge

The United Thank Offering—in partnership with the Good Friday Offering—will match up to $100,000 of donations given through Dec. 31 to help sustain outreach ministries in the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, which operates across several countries or territories and includes churches, schools, medical facilities, and other ministries.
“United Thank Offering has supported the diocese with over $1 million in grants since 1973, thanks to the generosity of Episcopalians everywhere,” said UTO Board President Sherri Dietrich. “We know people want to help those projects continue their work through and after the current heartbreaking conflict; this challenge grant will allow us all to make a powerful contribution to those impacted by this conflict.”
Matched donations to the United Thank Offering will be given in 2024 as a grant to the diocese to disburse where the needs are greatest.
The impact of the conflict in the region is “grave,” impacting the diocese’s guesthouses, medical centers, training centers, schools, and more, noted Sawsan Arani-Batato, programs development officer. “Sustaining our institutions is an urgent need for the diocese, and this initiative responds directly to this need.”
The Good Friday Offering of The Episcopal Church has been funding work in the region for more than 100 years. “It is a privilege and honor to partner with the United Thank Offering in continuing our joint history of caring, loving, and supporting the needs of the people of God,” said Archdeacon Paul Feheley, Middle East partnership officer for The Episcopal Church.

Learn more about the ministries supported by this effort

** Indicates past UTO grant site.

Schools (Find out more here.)


  1. Princess Basma Inclusive School**
  2. St. George’s School
  3. St. George’s College**


  1. Arab Evangelical Episcopal School, Ramallah**
  2. Christian National Kindergarten, Nablus
  3. Episcopal Technological and Vocational Training Center, Ramallah**
  4. Evangelical Home for Children, Ramallah


  1. Christ School, Nazareth**
  2. Holy Family Nursery, Reineh
  3. St. John’s School, Haifa


    1. Holy Land Institute for the Deaf, Salt**
    2. Savior School, Zarka**
    3. St. John the Baptist’s Nursery School, Husun
    4. The Ahliyyah and Bishop’s Kindergarten, Amman
    5. The Ahliyyah School for Girls, Amman
    6. The Arab Episcopal School, Irbid
    7. The Bishop’s School for Boys, Amman
    8. The Theodore Schneller School, Amman

Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Community Centers (Find out more here.)

Centers for Disabled Children and Youth

  1. Princess Basma Center for Disabled Children, Jerusalem
  2. Holy Land Institute for the Deaf, Salt, Jordan
  3. Jordan Valley Community Rehabilitation Center, Jofeh, Jordan
  4. St. Luke’s Center for Rehabilitation, Beit Mery, Beirut, Lebanon

Hospital and Healthcare Clinics

  1. Al Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza, Palestine
  2. St. Luke’s Hospital, Nablus, Palestine**
  3. Arab Episcopal Medical Center, Ramallah, Palestine**
  4. Penman Clinic, Zababdeh, Palestine**

Homes for the Elderly

    1. Elderly People’s Home, Amman, Jordan
    2. Elderly Home and Community Centre, Birzeit, Palestine**


  1. St. George’s Cathedral Pilgrim Guesthouse, Jerusalem**
  2. St. Andrew’s Guesthouse, Ramallah, Palestine
  3. St. Margaret’s Guesthouse, Nazareth, Palestine
  4. Theodore Schneller School Guesthouse, Amman, Jordan

Congregations:  There are 28 congregations in the Diocese of Jerusalem, in addition to funding some items for congregations, we have funded support for clergy and their families to attend retreats and study events. Find out more about the congregations here.


  1. St. George’s Cathedral
  2. St. Paul’s Church


  1. St. Andrew’s Church, Ramallah
  2. Good Shepherd Church, Rafidia
  3. St. Peter’s Church, Birzeit
  4. St. Phillip’s Church, Nablus
  5. St. Matthew’s Church, Zababdeh


  1. St. Paul’s Church, Shefa’amr
  2. Holy Family Church, Reineh
  3. Emmanuel Church, Ramleh
  4. St. John’s & St Luke’s, Haifa
  5. Christ Church, Nazareth
  6. Savior Church, Kufr-Yasif
  7. St. Peter’s Church, Jaffa
  8. St. Savior’s Church, Akko
  9. Christ the King Evangelical Episcopal Church, Tarshiha


  1. Good Shepherd Church, Salt
  2. Redeemer Church, Jabal Amman
  3. St. Paul’s Church, Ashrafiyeh
  4. Theodore Schneller Chapel, Amman
  5. St. Luke’s Church, Marka
  6. Savior Church, Zarka
  7. St. John the Baptist’s Church, Husun
  8. St. Peter’s & St. Paul’s Church, Aqaba
  9. The Virgin Mary Church, Irbid


  1. All Saints Church, Beirut


  1. All Saints Church, Damascus
  2. St. John the Baptist, Bethany Beyond the Jordan


How to give and
challenge updates.

If you would like to make an offering to support the work of the Diocese of Jerusalem, click here. UTO will match up to $100,000 in donations marked for Jerusalem and submitted by December 31.
Remember, 100% of your gift will be given to the Diocese. You have the option to cover your transaction fees  for online donations, which we hope you’ll do, if not, UTO pays for fees out of the Memorial Trust Fund and not the Ingathering. All funds raised above the challenge grant amount will be given to the Diocese of Jerusalem, they just won’t be matched.

You can also mail checks to UTO, please be sure to write “Jerusalem” in the memo line and send them to this address: 

Protestant Episcopal Church
PO Box 958983
St. Louis, MO 63195-8983
As the campaign gets underway, we’ll post updates and shout outs to participants.

About the United Thank Offering (UTO)

The United Thank Offering has been supporting innovative projects in The Episcopal Church since 1883, when the women of the church collected a thank offering to support mission and ministry. Today, the work of UTO welcomes all ages, genders, and people regardless of church affiliation, yet remains focused on promoting gratitude and supporting ministries address compelling needs around the globe. Gratitude is pretty simple—noticing something good and responding with thanks—and maybe that’s why it’s so hard for many of us to do. But gratitude is really important because it changes us and is one way we can create more kindness and love in our lives and the world. UTO provides materials and creates opportunities for anyone to embrace or deepen a gratitude practice. Grateful people are also more generous people who want to share their gifts and gratitude, so UTO members also give thank offerings online or in a Blue Box when they feel moved. 100% of the thank offerings given to UTO is distributed annually by the UTO Board as grants, changing lives and spreading gratitude at home and abroad.

About the Good Friday Offering

The history of the Good Friday Offering reaches back to 1922 when, in the aftermath of World War I, The Episcopal Church sought to create new relationships with and among the Christians of the Middle East. From these initial efforts which focused on a combination of relief work and the improvement of ecumenical and Anglican relations, the Good Friday Offering was created.

Through the years many Episcopalians have found the Good Friday Offering to be an effective way to express their support for the ministries of the three dioceses of the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. Pastoral care, education and health care continue to be primary ministries through which the reconciling spirit of the Christian faith serves all in need. Participation in this ministry is welcome. The generous donations of Episcopalians help the Christian presence in the Land of the Holy One to be a vital and effective force for peace and understanding among all of God’s children.

For 101 years, Episcopalians have generously shared their love, compassion, and financial gifts to support the ministry of the Anglican Communion Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. These gifts have made an astounding difference in the lives of many people in the homeland of Jesus and beyond. Check out our history of the Good Friday Offering to learn more about this life-changing ministry.

For more information about the Good Friday Offering, please email Archdeacon Paul Feheley, Partnership Officer for the Middle East.