Allan Yarborough: Missionary in the Diocese Haiti

AllenSermon by Alan Yarborough Missionary in the Diocese Haiti Full sermon Here “Tiyolen stood up in her seat–now I don’t know if you know this, but Episcopalians in Haiti are just like here–they have their seat in church and won’t sit anywhere else. Tiyolen sits right back here. And she moves her way out into the aisle–the musicians dragging on a little bit more unsure of what is going on… and she begins to dance, her tall body and outstretched arms towering over everyone in their chairs. And she dances, all eyes in the church turn towards her. And she moves with grace. And the music picks back up, carrying her forward toward the altar. And it seems as if she is entranced by the music, having her own moment in her own space. And just at the moment she reaches the UTO box and places an envelope inside, she stops dancing. And she turns toward the congregation. And she looks around at everyone very carefully, not as if checking on people to make sure they’re noticing her altruism, but rather as a passionate challenge to them to serve.”