UTO Scholars Conference

Gratitude is a core principle of Christianity, and we believe that practicing gratitude can change your life. It is important that gratitude is explored and researched, especially in the academic realm. To this point, we created the UTO Scholars Conference – an academic yet accessible conference in which scholars research and speak on gratitude.

2022 Scholars Conference

Our next Scholars Conference will take place in Boston in partnership with Diocese of Massachusetts and The Cathedral Church of St. Paul. In the meantime, join us in Boston on October 16, 2021 for a Multicultural Celebration of Gratitude. There will be food, worship, poetry readings, music, and Sufi Whirling. Follow the link above to register.

2020 Scholars Conference

Anglican Theological Review

The papers submitted from the 2020 Scholars Conference were published in the Summer 2021, Volume 103, Number 3 issue of the Anglican Theological Review. Follow the link below for more information on how to order a copy.

Scholars Conference Study Guide

To continue your learning, we created a study guide for use with the Scholars Conference papers or videos, available in a printer-friendly version or digital download. 

Note: Printer version is designed to be a booklet. Please print double sided and then fold as a booklet. There are page numbers to guide you in this process.