The Memorial Trust Fund

As a result of the establishment of the Memorial Trust Fund, no administrative or staffing costs are taken from the annual United Thank Offering (UTO) Ingathering. All funds collected from Ingathering are awarded as grants the following year. Earnings from the Trust provides for 65% of the annual budget for the United Thank Offering ministry, the remainder is provided by other trusts 17% and 18% from the General Convention Budget. This Trust provides for all of the printed materials available to promote participation in the Spiritual Discipline of Gratitude, which is the foundation of the United Thank Offering. Additionally the Trust supports the creation of online materials, videos, social media, applications for smart phones and more. Finally, the Trust allows for the staff and Board to promote the United Thank Offering, administer the annual granting process and respond to the needs of our members and grassroots network.

2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Memorial Trust Fund.

In honor of this anniversary and in celebration of the Feast Day of Julia Chester Emery on the centenary of her death, we are launching a year of lifting up the trust fund through education and intentional fundraising efforts. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for the Trust in 2022. Donate to the Memorial Trust Fund now through the form below – be sure to change the designation to Memorial Trust.