The tokens of gratitude from throughout the Church are collected together in parishes and in dioceses, often blessed in Eucharists, before being forwarded onto the UTO Board to grant out to worthy ministries. Ingatherings are great events, and are made even better when they are integrated into the life of your church.

Below you’ll find resources for formation, preaching, music choices, and prayers you can use to host a joyful gratitude-filled Ingathering at your church.

Musical Resources

“Thanks Be to God,” was written by Sue Lentz Casebeer and Kathleen Thompson  expressly for the United Thank Offering in 1995.

Sample Sermons

Sermon Series

Monthly postings of a sermon related to gratitude in the Christian life, using the readings from the Lectionary. For use by individuals and congregations.

Other Sermons

Loaves and Fishes (.pdf)

Loaves and Fishes (.docx)