Young Adult Grants

Andrea Foote

Camp RISE: Remember, Inspire, Strengthen, Empower. A Summer Camp for children and youth grieving a relative’s death from drug use. Diocese of Southern Ohio $2,500
Camp Rise, in Southern Ohio, will create a space for young people to grieve a relative’s death from drug use. This program will allow participants to experience the joy of unconditional acceptance at summer camp, amongst peerswho share their experience. Professional therapists and camp counselors will facilitate healing through art, therapy, nature, community building, and play.

Anne Marie Witchger

Developing Allies in Reconciliation Diocese of New York $2,500
This grant will allow for the design and implement a six-week discussion-based curriculum focused on being an ally to people experiencing societal oppression. The goal is to provide a positive, theological framework for parishes to explore “ally-ship” through different issues of racial, political, religious, and economic reconciliation.

Grace Aheron

New Church Community at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church Diocese of Virginia $2,500
Coming out of a summer of tumult and resistance in Charlottesville, many people in separate corners of the community have begun longing for a worshiping community that gives strength for the journey as activists of faith. The Charis Community hopes to answer that longing by starting a weekly worship service at an underused chapel.

Jack Karn

Fostering a New Generation of Peace Builders in the Holy Land Diocese of Vermont $2,500
This project requests support from United Thank Offering to help establish two in-school leadership and peacebuilding programs for youth and their families at Christ Anglican School of Nazareth, Israel and St. John’s Anglican School of Haifa, Israel. The programs will run the length of Spring 2018 semester and include 14 class sessions.

Kathryn Florack

Wilderness Wanderings Diocese of Western North Carolina $2,500
This project seeks to create opportunities for small, intimate groups of 10-14 to experience the intrapersonal and interpersonal spiritual and emotional growth provided by spending time backpacking in wilderness areas. In addition to teaching expeditions skills, the program will teach spiritual disciplines and skills for loving God and our neighbors more fully.

Schneider Chancy

Environmental Agriculture Program for St. Paul’s Students in Petit Trou de Nippes, Haiti The Diocese of Haiti $2,411
This Project will reinforce and expand access and knowledge of environmentally friendly agricultural practices in rural Haiti. Leveraging the success of a UTO funded existing agricultural education program at St. Paul’s school, the program will launch a summer gardening and environmental awareness program for youth in Petit Trou de Nippes Seminarian Grants

Seminarian Grants

Sarah Oxley

Catalyst Nashotah House Diocese of Central Florida $2,500
A catalyst is a reagent added to a chemical reaction to help the reaction to go faster and better. Catalyst is an educational project to provide Christian education that will act as a catalyst for people to grow in the Lord and spread the reaction of God’s Kingdom to others around them

Caroline Carson

Introducing Pastoral Care for Refugees in Egypt Sewanee Diocese of Louisiana $2,500
Cairo is home to thousands of refugees from Africa and the Arab world. The organization Refugee Egypt is under the auspices of the Episcopal/ Anglican Church. A needed ministry is interreligious pastoral care. This project aims to fund religious materials for meetings, translation, counsel, and prayer to refugees in Cairo

Leon Sampson

Back to the Kitchen Table Virginia Theological Seminary Navajoland Area Mission $2,500
“Back to the Kitchen Table,” is a movement that would create food gardens in Episcopal church communities with teachings of harvest preparation focusing on strengthening families through the lessons of caring for God’s creation in a family setting, back at the kitchen table.

Norbet Ayeebo

Musical Instruments and Public-Address System Virginia TheologicalSeminary Anglican Diocese of Tamale, Ghana $2,500
The project is designed to meet the needs of youth. The youth constitute the majority of the membership of the Church. This project aims to create a contemporary music ministry. There is no doubt that the procurement of musical instruments will attract young people in the church. This will afford the priests an opportunity to counsel and teach the word of God to them.